Our Philosophy on Workplace Law: Fight to Resolve… Resolve to Fight.

Clients who will value Hum Law Firm most are those that share the belief that an effective and productive workplace requires management and employees working together, recognizing that respecting each other leads to overall success. To that end, Hum Law Firm focuses on workplace management and transformations to maximize productivity, for both employers and employees.

Lai values her clients, listens to your needs, provides personalized service, and guides you to the best result. She will fight to resolve any disputes, but will also resolve to fight where the dispute cannot be resolved.

Lai is known as a strong and strategic negotiator and experienced litigator, who is unfazed by threats of litigation. She has appeared before courts and tribunals in both Ontario and Quebec.

Her clients have come from a wide range of industries and communities, including manufacturing, financial services, technology, healthcare and services, education, non-profit, First Nations, retail, pharmaceutical, security. She takes the time to learn her client’s work and workplace.

Lai also believes that the lawyer and client must work together to achieve the best and most cost-effective results. In each case, Lai wants you to be pleased that you got Hum Law Firm involved. To that end, for each new client, she will at the outset discuss options for your legal issue, recommend the best path for the results you want, and provide a reasonable estimate of your costs.

  • Developing, drafting and updating human resources policies
  • Hiring procedures and pre-employment negotiations
  • Drafting employment, service and independent contractor agreements
  • Employment Law Reviews
  • Performance management and discipline
  • Absence, sick leave and disability claim management
  • Return to work and accommodation
  • Layoffs, terminations and re-organizations
  • Enforcing non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality covenants
  • Human rights violations, including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and/or bullying in the workplace
  • Privacy
  • Pay equity
  • Labour relations: collective agreement bargaining and grievances
  • Employment standards compliance
  • Workplace investigations
  • Workplace transformations (maximizing productivity through improvement of the workplace environment, including through changes in process, policies and practices to promote mutual respect; and training and advice on workplace management to comply with AODA and harassment, discrimination and anti-violence legislation, and diversity practices)

contingency fee arrangement in appropriate cases

  • Review of employment offers and pre-employment negotiations
  • Employee compensation (stock options, bonuses, deferred payments, additional incentives)
  • Human rights violations, including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and/or bullying in the workplace
  • Employment standards complaints (including maternity leave and overtime)
  • Managing return to work and accommodation
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Review of severance packages
  • Wrongful dismissal/constructive dismissal claims
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