Hum Law Firm and specifically Lai King Hum, have been prompt, professional, courteous and skillful.

Our organization is extremely satisfied with the outcomes of our various business dealings and would highly recommend Hum Law Firm for your future business employment law needs.

Christina Creelman

VP | Finance

 OE Business Imaging

Working with the Hum Law Firm for the past year has been critical to our rapid growth and success in Canada.

Lai is always quick to respond, providing guidance and support to promote positive employee relations – she is ‘au courant’ with employment case law sharing best practices and legislation at every opportunity.

Working with someone who is aware of our presence and cultural differences as we learn, change and adapt to a North American work environment in Canada – is invaluable to us!

Thanks Lai!


As a national firm with 30 offices and 300 employees, Financial Horizons Group has complex Employment Law requirements.
We rely on the Hum Law Firm for all our Employment Law needs.

Lai-King Hum (who we worked with when she was at McMillian LLP) provides Bay Street expertise, exceptional levels of service without the cost of Big Law overhead.

Lai and her team respond quickly.
She understands the speed of business matters to us.
She is smart and knowledgeable.

Financial Horizons Group benefits from her bi-lingualism and her membership of the Quebec Bar. She has a national vision.

Lai-King makes our work easier by finding creative solutions to our challenges.

Will Chang
Financial Horizons Group
Executive-Vice President and General Counsel